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i started blaze because...

Well, hello trailblazer. Welcome to our first blog post! I couldn't be more excited that you're here. Since this is the beginning of our conversation, I figured it would be appropriate to introduce myself and the BLAZE team, and tell you a little bit about why we started.


Let me bring you back to 2006. Top songs of the year included SexyBack (Justin Timberlake) and Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol), both of which I played on repeat for way longer than I care to admit.


Anyway, I digress. In high school, I carried around a pocket mirror with me every day and checked it between class periods. I wasn't checking to see if my lip gloss was still shiny or if I had food in my teeth. I was checking to see if my dry skin was showing.


You see, having my dry skin under control meant the difference between a good day and a bad day. If my skin was okay, I was pretty sure that I could tackle the world. But when my dry skin took over, all I wanted to do was hide (probably behind a "Bad day :(" AIM away message...remember those?).


Why didn't I just use a moisturizer? you might ask. Believe me, I tried. I tried moisturizer after moisturizer before figuring out years later that a moisturizer alone wouldn't do the trick. I needed a skincare routine to really handle my dry skin. I set out to figure out that routine, but there was an even bigger problem...

I wasn't a "beauty" person. I didn't feel like I belonged in this world of skincare or makeup. I walked through Sephora and felt completely overwhelmed by the number of choices, bombarded by biased or conflicting information, intimidated by the girls around me who seemed to have it all figured out. 


A couple years after college, I became an investor in beauty and skincare companies. I saw how much skincare companies could change women's mornings and nights and soon fell in love with the industry that had at one time, brought me so much grief. During one meeting, I had the idea that beauty companies (and in particular, skincare companies) can and should cater to ALL women, regardless of their beauty knowledge. Because we all deserve to feel like we belong, right?


For me, there has always been a connection between having skincare figured out and the feeling of being able to tackle the world. I went to Stanford business school on a mission to start a skincare company that made figuring out skincare easier.

After talking to hundreds of women, I realized I'm far from alone in wanting great skincare but wanting to spend my time, money and energy elsewhere. We're ambitious, driven, busy, whole people who deserve skincare that is easy, simple, effective and makes us feel like we can tackle the world. 


And so, that's how BLAZE Skincare was born. Our mission is rooted in a deep love for you, our trailblazer community, and all of the amazing things you do professionally and personally every single day that leave us endlessly impressed and inspired. This is just the beginning, and we're so glad you're here.


The BLAZE team at Stanford. We started in a class called Startup Garage (more on that later!).


Trailblaze with us, will you?


With love and gratitude,



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